Classic Pearl Feminine Steampunk Necklace in Greys

62cm/620mm | mother of pearls, chinese crystals, brass hoops, brass pocket watch | Feminine Steampunk Necklace
Another classy look in our Feminine Steampunk collection. Be beautiful with this sensational necklace created with luxurious Mother of Pearls in light grey and mauve tones paired with luminous Chinese crystals to dazzle the night away. This unique look is completed with a smooth, round brass pocket watch for a timeless look.

A neutral and elegant design ready for your magical night.

This necklace is a dream to wear with a beautiful and easy toggle suspended just above the pocket watch. No more breaking nails over tiny clasps behind your neck with this necklace.

What makes this necklace so unique?

The Steampunk genre has mainly focused on the masculinity of the Victorian Era. Sahetah's Jewelry brings back the romantic and feminine flare to the old tradition of wearing elaborate pocket watches as necklaces. These necklaces are not for those who are shy at heart. This necklace is looking for a woman who loves glamor and serious 'wow' factor. If you love turning heads, having everyone's enamored eyes drawn to you, then this necklace has been designed for you.

In fact, did you know that "clock watches" were first worn as pendants on both men and women in the 16th century? These over-sized timepieces were later made into smaller clocks watches that were called "pocket watches" in the 17th century. For centuries these pocket watches were handmade and very rare. High rewards were printed in newspapers for those who could find their stolen pocket watches. Men begun to wear pocket watches in their pockets instead of pendants, but women continued to wear them as necklaces. Pocket watches became more common at the end of the 18th century, and the love and fascination of these timeless icons has never died away.

Dimensions: This high grade brass pocket watch is 1.2inches 2.7cm/27mm in diameter . The gorgeous necklace is approx 24inches 62cm/620mm in length. Would you like a longer or shorter necklace? Just contact me before shipping for a quick and free adjustment.


This piece will arrive at your door in an elegant box, ready as a gift for yourself or for someone else. Your new Jewelry will be securely placed in a box with recycled paper wrapped inside to keep your gift secure.

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