Fidelia Necklace - Peacock Feather Steampunk Pocket Watch Necklace - OOAK

51cm/510mm | chinese crystals, pocket watch, brass chain, flower and feather brooch | 3 layered steampunk necklace
We traveled back in time on our Chrono Translocation Gurney Machine (Time Machine) to bring you this stunning beauty from Lady Fidelia. The feather brooch and the floral pocket watch are the main attraction of this unique, and OOAK necklace. Deep and vibrant colors are perfect for evening wear with these stunning deep purple and peacock blue Chinese crystals decorating the lovely brass chains. You can see a hint of black with Jet Swarovski Crystals suspended on the ends of the purple stones. A hint of Victorian style can be seen in the brass feather chain connector on the opposite side of the brooch, matching perfectly with the pocket watch.

You wont need your Remote Signaling Device (cell phone) to keep track of time with this fully functioning Lady's pocket watch. So don't worry about those intrusive cellular Musical Chimes interrupting your meal, or the bright lights flashing in your partner's eye as you check the time on your Remote Signaling Device. You and your special night can go on uninterrupted.

This design was created by the power of auto-percolated toxic nutrients (coffee) and Melissa Arnold's very own OOAK hands to create this OOAK necklace created for Lady Fidelia (sent through our Time Machine) and will never be created again.

This necklace is 51cm/510mm in length (measured from the shortest chain) and will hang approx to the middle of your torso and can be adjusted to hang much shorter.

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